2015 Mangowood Easter

The Mangowood section of Palmetto Bay is a close-knit family-oriented community of about 300 homes. It formed its volunteer civic Association back in 1958 and has been enriching the lives of its homeowners ever since. And Mangowood residents sure know how to celebrate the holidays together.

Case in point, Easter.  Every year the Easter Bunny parades down every street in the neighborhood from the back of a convertible, spreading cheer and inviting kids to the Egg Hunt.

“We love this event. It gets better every year,” explained Bunny chauffeur Stanley Kowlessar.

After each front yard has been visited, everyone convenes on SW 83rd Place for the main event. “It’s basically organized chaos,” explains Mangowood Association board member Robert Rossano, “but the kids have a great time and its one of the ways we make Mangowood a special place to live.”


With 250 neighbors enjoying each other’s company, taking photos with the Easter Bunny, eating cake, cookies and candy, it’s finally time for the Easter Egg hunt.  And with 1000 eggs hidden on neighboring lawns the Association President Paul Clark announces, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!”

It wasn’t long until all the eggs were in baskets and the kids (and their parents) were happily exhausted. Sisters Victoria and Madison Johnson were among the egg hunt winners who found special eggs that scored them Easter baskets filled with goodies. Natalia Quick, with dad by her side, exclaimed, “My mom helped me find the gold egg and the fire trucks and Easter Bunny went right by my house.”

I’ve covered Mangowood for years and there is nowhere better for a family to live. Besides Easter, Mangowood celebrates the Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July holidays together.