Palmetto Senior High Alumni Association Scholarship Benefit

On February 26, the Palmetto Senior High School Alumni Association held a fundraiser at the Banyan Bowl in Pinecrest Gardens to raise money for their newly established college scholarship fund.  The main event of the evening was to see Ron Magill present his famous "Sex and the Animals" talk.

To make the event as successful as possible, Pinecrest’s Village Council waived the normal $1850 facility rental fee to maximize the fundraising effort. Before Magill took the stage, class of 1961 (Palmetto'd first graduating class) and founding Alumni Association board member Pamela Garrison and class of 1970 alum and Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner welcomed 1977 alum Ron Magill by presenting a proclamation making February 26, 2015 "Ron Magill Day".

"I consider my time at Palmetto Senior High the most formidable years of my life. It really molded me into who I am today and so I feel a tremendous debt to this school and community," remarked Magill. "I'll always do anything I can to support my Alma Mater."

Magill went on to treat the audience of more than 200 to a laughter-filled 90-minute presentation about how animals 'get it on.' What was eye-opening was that there is personality, style and social graces that go along with sex in the animal kingdom. Magill taught us, "Animals ask for permission and in a lot of cases do sex better than humans."

"Take a look at this elephant and tell me he's not smiling," Magill said in one of his final slides of the evening. Not only was a presentation incredible, it was also the second to last time it will ever be seen. After 25 years, Ron thought it was time to retire it and "I couldn't think of a better place to do the penultimate show."

Cindy Lerner, who is the Alumni Association's founding board President reported, "We're still not finished counting, but more than $7500 was raised.  We sincerely thank our sponsors who contributed $3000 before the event even started."

The Palmetto Senior High School Alumni Association was created in 2011, and acquired its 501c3 in 2013.  If you are interested in joining, a life membership is just $100 and the website is