Mangowood Garage Sale Success

When the Mangowood section of Palmetto Bay does something, they always do it big. Take, for example, their annual garage sale. On Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 more than 15% of the houses opened their garage doors and displayed their wares for all to shop.

With 43 homes participating all at the same time, its a thrift shoppers dream. Where else can you see this much "hidden treasure" by simply walking a few blocks on a Saturday morning?

Long-time resident George Tabor helps organize each year. "We love to see all our neighbors out. Besides clearing out our garage, we get to talk and catch up with so many of our friends."

Driving around in a golf cart, I saw lots of smiling faces and choked streets filled with people looking for bargains. Local businesses would be luck to see so many people inside their stores.

Jim and Carmen Wierman stood outside their garage while people shopped. "How much for that table," inquired a man in a large SUV. "$10," Jim replied.  "I'm disabled and can't get out of my car. Can you bring it closer?" After looking it over, he pulled out his cash and it was loaded for him into a back seat.

There's nothing quite like a garage sale that offers drive up, curb-side shopping!