Rain-shortened 4th Annual Palmetto Bay Food & Rock Festival

Sometimes Mother Nature can be a real bitch. On November 14th, Florida Rock Stars gathered the best local rock acts around and set out to raise the volume ‘to eleven’ for their 4th Annual Palmetto Bay Food & Rock Festival.

Unfortunately, when you print ‘rain or shine’ on your tickets, the numbers will eventually catch up to you. That day was today...

About three hours into the show, after several rounds of rain, the skies opened up into a monsoon. “We wanted to power through and let the music defeat the lousy weather,” explained organizer Richard DiBenedetto, “But it was not to be.”

With inches of rain turning the field into a temporary lake and lights literally sparking and burning out, the audio company had to put safety first and literally pull the plug. “We had several hundred people near high voltage and water ponding in areas that just made it too dangerous to carry on.”

If there is any doubt that the heart of rock-and-roll is still beating, please watch the entire three-minutes of this video of Bad Attitude’s Gil Fernandez singing and Nick Legido drumming until the last possible moment. Maybe they should rename the band BEST Attitude!

Florida Rock Stars will put on their Country version of the show in March and vows to bring on the Rock again next year.