Palmetto Scholarship Fund Fundraiser

On Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 at 7:00 pm in Pinecrest Gardens’ Banyan Bowl, the Palmetto Senior High Alumni Association will be hosting a special event with the always-entertaining Ron Magill (a Palmetto alumni himself).

The fundraiser’s main feature is Magill’s “Sex and the Animals” presentation, a show that exposes the sex lives of beasts in a funny and informative manner

Mayor Cindy Lerner, who also sits on the Alumni Association said, “Still in our infancy as an organization, we are building membership from over 50 years of alumni, helping advise and publicize reunions, and offers social events and networking. We are proud to have established a Scholarship Fund to assist worthy Palmetto Seniors in paying for college.”

The event costs $24.00 per person in advance and $29.00 per person at the door with proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund. Pinecrest’s Village Council waived the normal $1850 facility rental fee to maximize the fundraising effort. To purchase tickets visit or call 877-496-8499.