Batteries Plus of Palmetto Bay

Since July 26, 1986 Miguel Canda has owned and operated Batteries Plus, located in Palmetto Bay steps from Village Hall. His was the twelfth franchise store and remain one of the most decorated stores among the company’s chain of 800-plus stores.

“We’ve grown a lot since the early days when we were considered to be in Cutler Ridge, explains Canda. “Hurricane Andrew was tough, but our early customers became life-long friends during those days.” The store’s annual revenues have grown more than 10x since then. For the past eight years, the store has topped $1.25 million in sales.

Despite being a franchise, this is really a family business. Two years ago, Canda lost his wife who ran the store with him. It was hard for everyone, but they marched on. The store currently employs six full-time people and is open seven days a week. Most have been with the store for years. Alex Vargas, a seven-year veteran is well versed in the installation of batteries into watches, cars, laptops, UPS systems, iPods and more. “We do it all. A watch battery change is $4.50.  That’s for the battery… expert installation comes with that,” he says with a smile. You can tell he likes being here.

In fact, Batteries Plus doesn’t charge for any installation work. “Whether you are famous or not, we take care of all our customers,” remarks Canda. The store caters to all types, from sports figures to TV personalities to just us regular folk. “We always want to be the reliable store, the one that is always ready to serve.”

Larry Morrison, owner of car wholesaler Morrison Motors, has been going to the store since they opened, “They are super nice people. I’m in there all the time and they always have what I need and are a good value.”

During hurricane season the store’s advice is to check your rechargeable devices and only replace as needed. “There is no reason to buy and stock up. Batteries have expiration dates and we don’t want customers buying things too early.” The store does see roughly ten times the volume of sales when a hurricane approaches and a bit of a bump just before the season starts.

Besides batteries, the store has recently branched out to do smartphone screen repairs and replacements. Pricing appears to be very aggressive and turnaround time is good.

So, next time you need a battery, make sure to stop in to the store that has been with us for 18 years. Batteries Plus is located at 17501 S. Dixie Hwy. Miami, FL 33157 and you can call ahead to make sure they have what you need at 305-278-8004. Somehow, I’m sure they’ll have it in stock.