Palmetto Bay Town Hall Meeting

UNEDITED VIDEO OF TOWN HALL EVENT (click picture below to play)

While I refuse to get involved in the continuing series of political jabs being thrown in Palmetto Bay, I do my best to communicate and let my fellow Villagers know what's going on by amplifying voices, regardless of what side of an issue they represent.


Last night's Town Hall Meeting, organized by Joan Lindsay, had the potential for fireworks. Days before the event, there were email blasts and lots of chatter about who was going to be there and what they were going to say.  I was a little apprehensive to say the least.


I was pleasantly surprised when what really occurred was a healthy dose of information with mostly silent respect from attendees. Most impressive was the new Village Attorney Dexter W. Lehtinen and his knowledge and perspective on the Palmer Trinity issues.


During the two and a half hour meeting, about a dozen citizens asked questions on a variety of subjects.  Throughout, there was decorum and respect...even some heartfelt applause.

As promised, I recorded the entire event so that those who could not attend could still benefit. My recording is purposefully unedited and I hope will serve all Palmetto Bay residents. Apologies for the audio. Palmetto Bay does not yet have the capacity to have the media plug into their audio system...

Please be kind to those who watch after you; if you find an interesting passage, post a comment with the time noted.