Pinecrest Post Office

It's been the news that you want to know about, but haven't likely heard.  This muddied letter placed at the curb precariously close to the highway where no one can read it explains that the post office retail location at US-1 and SW 131st Street is being forced to relocate. The building owner, Baptist Hospital, plans on putting up a four-story medical office complex on the site.

In fact, tonight (May 13, 2014) at 8:00pm there is a public hearing being held at the Pinecrest Council Chambers to request approval of the Baptist site plan for the property.  I encourage everyone to attend, but more so to ask Pinecrest and the United States Postal Service where they plan on putting our post office.

Nearly a year ago, signs went up on the building notifying residents that the post office was looking for a new location and they were seeking public opinion. The signs were up for what many believe was for an inadequate amount of time and posted in less than obvious locations.

Shortly thereafter, this sign appeared.  It showed that the old BellSouth building at 8950 SW 152nd Street was the the new site. Fortunately, the neighborhood group quickly acted and had the USPS rebuked from using that site. Their concern was noisy trucks and unsightly fencing in a quiet community.

Today I spoke with the USPS branch manager Larry Suarez who basically said "no comment" to every question I asked, including why the BellSouth location selection letter was still posted on the front window when it was clearly no longer true.

I sure hope we get to the bottom of this soon. Apparently there is an extension to the lease at the current Pinecrest location. They were originally supposed to vacate no later than the end of this month.