Mangowood Garage Sales 2014

If you weren’t out on February 22nd, you missed the Mangowood Garage Sales in Palmetto Bay. Every year nearly 75 home participate in a neighborhood clear-your-garage event that brings out bargains, fun, friends and a little silliness.

Community leader, Stanley Kowlessar drove through the neighborhood and explained, “It’s a nice way to share the day with your neighbors and there are some great bargains out there.”

Board member Pam Tabor remarked, “There are many people throughout the year who ask when the sale is. It’s something we all look forward to doing.”

People not only get to clean out their homes, but support causes too. David Greenwell is a Stingrays softball parent. His house hosts wares from four player’s homes. Each year they raise thousands of dollars to support the team’s extensive travel schedule.

Around the corner, Coral Reef Senior High students Gabrielle Bogert, Michael Gordon, Samantha Morales, Hallie Brody and Bianca Torres dressed up for fun and to attract customers. They were raising money for The International Baccalaureate program at their school.

Garage sale expert Judy Jones explains, “There is nothing else like this in all of Dade County. You can find absolutely everything here. This is an event not to be missed.”