Welcoming Daniella Levine Cava

Daniella Levine Cava was officially sworn in as Miami-Dade County Commissioner (District 8) on November 18th. She immediately started voting on County issues and worked some very long hours even before she was ceremonially sworn in the following week.

“I’m very exciting to serve because I care so much about our County. I think our District has such great potential, so many wonderful opportunities and assets, but it also has huge challenges,” Daniella stated, “I’ve been very involved civically for many years, so stepping inside government and being able to take some responsibility for positive change is an amazing opportunity.”

After only a short time in office it is clear that Daniella is jumping in as quickly as possible. “My job is to learn about many things very rapidly. My district includes Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead, and unincorporated areas including Redland, Falls, Princeton, Naranja, Leisure City and parts of West Kendall, so I will meet often with those area’s leaders, governments and key people to understand their needs.”

To that end, Daniella knows she can’t do it all, so she is hiring a strong staff to make sure her office is responsive to all areas. “They’ll feed things back to me and represent my office when I have overlapping engagements. Two staffers will be dedicated to civic engagement and one will work solely connecting with non-profits and businesses. Still others will round out my team. This investment will ensure we have a strong presence wherever we are needed.”

Daniella will soon be transitioning headquarters to the South Dade Government Center, where the District 8 office was four years ago. “This is more centric making us more accessible to more constituents. We also plan to partner with several areas to have satellite offices.”

So how does Daniella Levine Cava want be perceived? “It is my hope that people will see me as open and available, dedicated and passionate. I think of myself as an advocate for South Dade and I believe I have an opportunity to address many unmet needs and further key goals in our County,” said Daniella. “I call South Dade the ‘last frontier’ and what I mean by that is that I think we have great opportunities to grow… grow jobs, our economy, transportation options, social services and more while still protecting our existing quality of life. I plan to do just that.”

Her main platform for her term is ‘Restore Trust In Government’. You can learn more at the official District 8 web page. Specifics on her agenda and plans are contained in her published installation speech.