Best Fireworks in South Florida

Shh! I have a secret for my clients...

We all know that fireworks are a Fourth of July tradition. They delight kids and adults alike. In South Florida, there are several large shows each year to choose from. For years, I have attended Black Point Marina’s fireworks display. Certainly not bad, but not the perfect fireworks evening. The bug bites usually dampen the event. So, this year I tried the Biltmore Hotel fireworks and was more than pleasantly surprised.

First, the 20-minute plus long show had synchronized music blasted throughout the grounds over a speaker system. Nothing like that at Black Point. Second, there was plenty of room for families to spread out in and around the golf course for a comfortable seat and a good view. Next, there were adequate bathroom facilities and food vendors to keep the crowds happy. Plus, the bugs were hardly noticeable (yeah!). And finally, there were live stage performances in the hours preceding the fireworks.

Now, here is the secret:

Although there are VIP seats for the fireworks sold by the hotel for over $120, you can be a VIP for FREE! Coral Gables has arranged with the University of Miami to shuttle people into the golf course and it is the best kept secret around.  Simply park your car for free at the well marked University of Miami lot and you'll be whisked away in air conditioned buses complete with a police escort! No red lights, no looking for parking, no long walks! They drop you right at the entrance to the golf course, just steps away from the best seats.

I cannot recommend this public transportation option highly enough. This was the most trouble-free fireworks outing I've had in years. It made the 4th of July a total blast! Hope to see you next year on the shuttle...