YES, We Need A New Firehouse In Our Community

When something is important and communication is key to its success, I jump into action. Just such a case is the need for a new fire station in our community.

I recently send this out through an email trail, but several community activists thought it would also be good to post here.



If you agree with the information below, simply FORWARD IT to your neighbors and to the following Congressional staff member collecting support letters for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

Forward this email to


In regards to establishing a new fire station in the northeast section of Palmetto Bay, the forwarder of this email understands, agrees with and supports the following:

  • Miami-Dade Fire Rescue has stated, and I agree, that current fire/rescue response times for homes in north Palmetto Bay, south Pinecrest, and south Coral Gables are too long.
  • It is in the interest of all residents in this under-served area to support Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in their efforts to explore a location for a new firehouse which would reduce response time.
  • While many would not particularly want a firehouse next door, they certainly would like it down the block. And, in the best interest of the community at large, it is more important for a new fire house to exist than where it ultimately is placed.
  • While there may have been a misunderstanding that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue was asking for community support for a particular site location on the USDA property, I now understand that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is investigating several locations and that my support (and this email) will simply help them gain Congressional support to investigate options with the USDA.
  • I further understand that any location on USDA property would need to be purchased for appraised market value.  This is also true for other sites the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is exploring.
  • Finally, I understand that the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue will analyze each site fairly and with balance to achieve the best response time for residents, while also working to minimize impact to neighbors.

With recognition to the above points, I endorse and ask that my local government officials and Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen support Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in its efforts to talk with the USDA about a potential site on their property.
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