2013 Mangowood Block Party

I've written about the quaint, almost idyllic, neighborhood of Mangowood before. These homes, nestled adjacent to Coral Reef Elementary School, have run a successful volunteer homeowners' association for more than 50 years. Most would think this a feat like climbing Everest, but in this community it comes easy.

The moment you enter the area, you can almost feel the community reach out to you. People say hello on these streets. People care for and know their neighbors. And for that very reason, these predominantly 1960s homes maintain a higher market value. I proudly assist in recognizing this fact, as does the Village of Palmetto bay government. Both Councilman Patrick Fiore and Mayor Shelley Stanczyk did so at this event.

On Saturday, the HOA had their annual Board elections. Before the official business, the neighborhood blocks off the street and meets to have a block party. This year it was complete with a DJ and catered food from Hole In The Wall. Besides a huge climbing wall, the kids got balloon art.

The adults got a chance to sit with their neighbors and talk about the upcoming holidays and reminisce about prior community events.

While you might think this is not real news, I'd ask you to think again. Where else can people raise their property value simply by being nice to each other? Where else will you see unconditional support from your neighbor? I think this is one of the best neighborhoods in the entire U.S.A. and would love to implement just a fraction of their goodness on my block. How about you?