Girl Scout Cookies...There's Still Time!

Officially running until February 20th, the South Florida Girl Scout Cookies season has nearly passed us by. I know this by the many Thin Mints boxes already piled up in our freezer and the thought of doing a few more sit-ups in my head.

Ligia Rodriguez, along with daughters Emma (age 7), Siani (age 9) and Brianna (age 11) camped outside the Suniland Shopping Center Starbucks a recent Saturday morning. They spent a few hours hoping to sell lots of cookies to shoppers in addition to the door-to-door efforts they already made.

“If I can sell 2000 boxes of cookies, I earn a laptop and get to swim with the dolphins,” explained Emma. Siani quickly jumped in to make sure I understood that all 3 sisters would share the laptop.

The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies like this since 1917. I for one am already thinking about my selections for next year…