Fuddruckers Successful Return

Palmetto Bay Village Council and the Fuddruckers staff celebrate restaurant opening

Great hamburgers bring out the passion in people and these days America’s love of the burger joint is gaining speed. Thankfully, after a multi-year absence, Palmetto Bay has just welcomed back Fuddruckers to the area. Located at US-1 and SW 149th Street, this familiar friend opened its doors June 11th and is drawing great crowds.

Owners Berny & Marcelo Montalvan bring Fuddruckers to Palmetto Bay

Owners Berny & Marcelo Montalvan, who live in Pinecrest, already own three other Fuddruckers further north, but said it was high time to restore the famous restaurant in their own backyard. Marcelo says, “The community deserves more family-friendly choices and needed Fuddruckers to return, so we did it in a big way. Our store can seat 276 people. At 7600-square feet, we are the largest Fuddruckers in the southeast United States.”  Berny chimed in, “We bake our own buns and cut our own produce fresh every day. We deliver the best quality food for the money, bar none. And, we cater to family like no one else.”

Immediately upon entering, you see that Fuddruckers still has all the food you love. They’ve also updated the core menu with healthier choices and expanded variety.  Besides the traditional Fuddruckers fare, the Montalvans have developed a South Florida supplemental menu, including buffalo, elk, mahi mahi and wild boar burgers.

When I asked about getting served in a timely fashion during the opening days, I was told they had a target of no more than a 20-minute ticket time. During the very busy first dinner, I can happily report, we got served in twelve minutes. Even though you get a buzzer and pick up the orders yourself, there are plenty of smiling and waiting staffer to help get refills and assist with anything you may need.

Among the entire Palmetto Bay Village Council, Vice Mayor Brian Pariser was on-site and helped welcome the eatery by saying, “This is a great boost for a family restaurant in our Village. It will employ 120 people, be a great place to eat after visiting one of our fabulous parks and becomes another business that helps strengthen our community and Palmetto Bay’s tax basis.  Further, we were please to hear from the franchisee that the construction and permitting process was the easiest he had dealt with throughout Florida.” 

In addition to the restaurant, the building itself will soon house a Kids Learning Adventure pre-school. The 9200 square feet day-care facility will join the existing KLA schools in Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral, and Pembroke Pines. Associated with Riviera Day School, the facility will service the local community with childcare for kids up to 4 years old.

With complementary schedules, the day-care center won’t impact parking, but should naturally increase traffic to the restaurant for late lunches after pick-up. “We have outdoor space ready for them, so they can picnic with our food,” explained Berny.