Pinecrest Earth Day Festival

Miley Estremera, age 4 (foreground), cools down in the water park.

Miley Estremera, age 4, celebrated Earth Day by dancing around in Pinecrest Gardens’ splash park.  Her mother, Alyssa, drove from Miami Gardens because her co-workers told her how beautiful the park was and it would be a great experience for her daughter.

Mother Lisa Nesenman and her three girls Brooke (age 6), Alexa (age 2), and Paige (8 wks)

Meanwhile Lisa Nesenman and her three girls Brooke (age 6), Alexa (age 2), and Paige (8 weeks) relaxed under the shade of some Banyan trees. Brooke explained, “We made our names and designs on bags, planted tomato, carrot and watermelon seeds and played in the park.” Mom chimed in that Earth Day meant enjoying the outdoors and teaching our kids how to be kind to the Earth.

No matter where you were throughout Pinecrest Gardens, April 15th was filled with joyful and playful Earth Day sights and sounds.

Part of The Vibe (left to right) Dean Crews, Albert Roque and Ralph Fiol rock Earth Day.

Local band The Vibe (Alex Leeds, Dan "Mav" Levine, Albert Roque, Dean Crews & Ralph Fiol) played classic rock cover tunes in the Banyan Bowl to the delight of many.  Explains bassist Ralph Fiol, “When it comes to rockin’ the Earth Day, what you really want is the right Vibe.”

At the front gate, Pinecrest’s message was clear.  It handed out native pine trees in an effort to put the Pine back in Pinecrest.

Beyond the community and fun, there were many groups raising awareness for many issues.  Whether a prototype city inside one massive 35-story structure, how to save the native panthers, why it may not be such a good thing to add new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point or how the deep dredging of the Port of Miami may kill vast amounts of sea life it was important to see, hear and take part in the discussion.