Lucky Lefty Loots Lottery

When it comes to no nonsense, down to earth guys, it's hard to find anyone more so than Lefty Fairfield.  For more than 40 years, Lefty has greeted and treated customers to a haircut at Pete's Barber Shop in Pinecrest.  He just the kind of person everyone likes.

Lefty Fairfield at home at Pete’s Barber Shop in Pinecrest.

Over those many years, Lefty has talked about many things with many customers.  He's not short for the gift of gab.  So I found it odd not to hear him talking about his early March $10,000 lottery win.

“My ticket was next to the computer and my son, Eric, pulled up the numbers on the website," explained Lefty.  "Then he calmly called me over saying he wanted to show me something.  Then we looked at each other and said W-H-O-A!"  

They started with the Powerball number.  Match!  Then four more numbers matched.  Just a single digit (he had 55 instead of 29) separated Lefty from the monster $55M jackpot.

Lefty's winning ticket and his freshly issued check.

Lefty has been playing numbers for years, mostly from a store at Miller and 107th Ave., near his home.  He’s won some $20 pots over the years; but, when he won this time he quickly learned you had to go to a lottery office to pick up a prize that large.  "You know when you go to a doctor's office and have to wait...and people are mad, upset and grumpy?  When I walked into the lottery office no one was complaining," smiled Lefty.  He didn’t wait too long in the happy office.  "They took the taxes out, handed me a $7500 check and sent me on my way."  When I explained to Lefty he had gotten quite a tax 'haircut', he belly laughed and said, "Well, it's better than nothing."

Lefty was back to cutting hair the next day.  He split the money between his 17-year old grandsons.  "One got a new boat engine and the other will have some of his college paid for."  When asked if he was disappointed not hitting the jackpot and what he'd do with that kind of money he explained, "At 79, I'm content.  I have a job.  I have a car that runs and I work with nice people.  I just would have given more money to more people…so I could help."

I always wondered if anyone local won the lottery.  The answer is yes, and it happened to a really decent guy. Stop by and sit in his chair...and ask him about it.  Maybe he'll even split a ticket purchase with you.  I hear he’s still playing…