Coral Reef Senior High Defines Art

By the gridlocked traffic and 30-minute search for parking, it was clear that the Pinecrest Gardens Arts Festival had a hit on their hand.  Now in it’s 9th year, I think they’ll need a “bigger park” for the next one.  On January 14th & 15th, over 16,000 people took in some amazing art, craft and food.  Oh, and the weather was just perfect too. 

What caught my eye was Coral Reef Park Senior High’s Art Academy display.  Inside the old Pinecrest Gardens entrance, nearly 120 students’ works consisting of photographs, paintings, drawing and jewelry graced the walls and shelves.  Patrons poured over the works with delight.

Senior year student, Isabella Rodriguez, stands between Sick Daddy and Self Portrait

Isabella Rodriguez had two of the larger pieces in their show.  When I arrived, she had just sold her acrylic Self Portrait.  “I was at home and one of the parents called to tell me a couple had purchased it.  My Mom was screaming she was so happy,” Isabella said.  It’s not the first sale for her either… an amazing accomplishment for such a young artist.

Her other featured piece is of her Dad.  She came home to find him sick and lying on the kitchen counter.  She told him to freeze, put the thermometer in his mouth and started working on the painting.  It is her first oil-based work.  By the reaction she got at the show, there is no doubt she has a future in oil painting too.  She was very adamant that Sick Daddy was not for sale.

Renee Espinosa, a Booster Mom, was glad to report, “Things went really, really well.  Tons of people, lots of sales, and even when the pieces were only there for exhibit, we had people asking how to get in touch with the student to convince them to sell!”

Pinecrest Gardens’ Director, Alana Perez, said, “The 63-artist juried show exceeded all expectation.  We are thrilled with the participation and look forward to an even larger one next year.”