Palmetto Bay Tax Rate For 2011 Remains Unchanged

Mayor Eugene Flinn reports from last night's Village budget hearing that Palmetto Bay's millage rate is now set at 2.447 for the 2011 tax year.  This is unchanged from 2010 and keeps the same service level.

Added from Shelley Stanczyk's Facebook entries...

We incorporated to enhance our quality of life and even in these economic times we are able to provide the best for our community. This is because our Council has practiced conservative fiscal policies with an eye to the future. We held the line on the millage rate and will continue to provide for a high quality of life to our residents.

The Budget Hearing also announced our bond rating which is AA. It was the best rating of all the municipalities included in the bond issue. This is a reflection of our fiscal policies, conservative planning, and lack of potential risk against the Village. Yes, it was a very good night.
A great evening for Palmetto Bay tonight. The 1st budget hearing goes w/o a hitch - millage rate set at 2.447 -same as current year- no roll up and keeps the same service levels