Campaign Season Means New Ideas

The Village of Palmetto Bay is in the campaign cycle to select their second mayor.  You'd expect to hear lots of ideas from the candidates (and I have!), but it's a bonus to hear your neighbor's point of view.

I honestly hate the campaign yard signs that are the norm anytime elections are on the docket in South Florida.  But, I do love to see Village neighbors and strangers engaged in conversation.  Today, I attended a political event BBQ.  It was nice, but the people there were nicer.

They got to learn about my continued efforts to open a restaurant with my partner Superdave Gordon (who also makes some superior wines) and I got to hear the perspectives of residents from diverse corners of Palmetto Bay.

I highly encourage you to get out to one of these events and shake a few hands.  Not only will you learn about the candidates, but you'll also make some new friends.  Given our economics these days, ideas and relationships are our most powerful way forward.  The more we share, the more we benefit.

I want to thank Shelley Stancyzk for today's get together.  I can't wait to meet more of you at future candidate events.