Old Cutler Road Detour

Since August 3rd, the traffic on Old Cutler between SW 152nd and SW 156th Streets has been cut off.  It is very apparent just how disruptive this is during the rush hours, but it alo is a pain on weekends.

So, what's going on in there?  Progress, my friends.  And the restoration of Biscayne Bay.

Today, I rode bikes with my son to the area and found that just south of the Deering Bay property (now void of trees and topsoil) the entire road and sidewalk are gone.

The project seems to be moving along swiftly as they put in some pretty major cement pipes to allow for rainwater runoff to pass beneath Old Cutler Road.  I suppose this will allow for the water to safely and effectively reach Biscayne Bay just about a half mile east.

The road is expected to be open "well before the beginning of school", as per the Village announcement.  As a resident along the detour route, we look forward to the return to normalcy.