Palmetto Bay Party In The Park

The Village of Palmetto Bay sure knows how to put on a party!  Today's Celebration Picnic in Palmetto Bay Park was such a success that it was extended an extra hour.  And you couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.

Beginning promptly at 11 a.m., the smell of picnic food quickly filled the air.  As the crowds grew, they chowed down on hot dogs, roasted corn-on-the-cob, pizza and chicken.

The food and fun was served up by Palmetto Bay government staffers, Village employees and various school-related activity groups.  Smiles and friendly faces were everywhere...

Unlike the last couple of years, the picnic was contained on the south side of the boat slip parking lot.  This consolidated the community and, quite frankly, made it easier on parents to keep an eye on their kids.  It also allowed you to easily see just how packed the park really was.

For the young ones, there were some amazing bounce houses, sporting activities and sponsored craft projects.

Even with all those activites, some of our yougsters played the natural way...amongst the banyan trees that grow within the park.

Miami-Dade and Palmetto Bay's fire and police departments were on hand as well.  Among various safety presentations, kids and parents took advantage of the kid fingerprinting booth.  Not only is this fun for the tots, but it also is a great way for parents to have records of their kids in the event of emergency.

The Mayor (Eugene Flinn, Jr.) certainly didn't seem to mind spending time with those who protect and serve.

Cotton candy, popcorn and snow-cones were once again a hit for kids...although, by my observation, I swear there were more adults with the fun stuff.

One of the neat new features of the picnic was the Historic Preservation Program's IBus tour of Palmetto Bay's historic sites.  The 45-minute ride took us to the original town center of Cutler (Old Cutler and 168th Street), some interesting/historic architecture and our very own archaeological preserve.

Onboard the highly attended bus tour, we learned about the facts and figures of Palmetto Bay's yesteryear.

Meanwhile, back at the bandshell... there were youth rock bands

bubble-gum blowing contests...

...and karate demonstrations

If you missed out this year's festivities, don't make the same mistake twice.  Mark your calendars now for next year's free picnic.  Mayor Flinn remarked to me how special the event was.  I agree.  This year is his last time attending as our mayor.

It is estimated that this 8th annual event drew more than 3000 Palmetto Bay residents and friends from neighboring communities.

One final note...

As Facebook become more prevalent, I believe our sub-communities can be enhanced via Facebook Group pages.  For this reason, I have created the following pages:

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I encourage you to join one of these Facebook Groups so you can talk to your neighbors!  Discuss the weather, block parties, politics…the sky is the limit and you are in control.

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