The Joy of Homeownership

One of the main reasons I got into real estate was to help people enjoy homeownership.  It is a point of pride for me to see first-time home buyers settle in and realize what an amazing thing they have accomplished.

Last night was one of those moments...

"Cris" is an amazing person.  He has a good family and works hard.  I met Cris about nine months ago and we started looking for a condo that would keep him close to his parents.  Fast forward to last night when I was invited to see what he'd done to the place.

See, Cris ended up buying a foreclosure one-bedroom condo after four other attempts.  He got it at the right price, but there was lots to do.  After about 6 weeks of labor with family and friends pitching in too, Cris had transformed his condo into a proud HOME.

On newly screened and tiled porch with well deserved wine in hand

There were friends on the couch when I arrived and Cris tells me his social life has never been better.  Everyone is sharing in his success.

I congratulate Cris because he saw what he wanted and battled through some pretty touch twists and turns with banks, mortgages and condominium associations.  In the end, he tells me "It was so worth it.  I can't wait to be home.  If I'm not at work, you know where I'll be!"

The excitement and sense of accomplishment is palpable.

I tell you this story because so many others are on the fence about becoming a homeowner.  Consider that fact that Cris is now literally banking his money in his own home, pays less monthly than a comperable rental and when he comes home each day has the pride to know he's sleeping in something that he truly owns.

First-timers...don't wait!  Prices are excellent, inventories are dropping, interest rates are the lowest they've been in 50 years and FHA guidelines are about to get tougher.  There is every reason that NOW is the time.

Here is Cris' latest Facebook status: "breakfast on my!"