Vacuums Suck!

Yes, I said it...vacuums suck. They suck when they are working, but they suck even more when they're broken.  Never fear, because Miami Hal has found the perfect place for you to service and shop for all things vacuum cleaners!

Far too often, today's vacuum cleaners seem to conk out, stop sucking or otherwise cause headache.  According to Peter Colon, the reason is simple..."they don't make 'em like the used to."

I met 76-year old Peter Colon today on yet another trip to get my Dirt Devil vacuum fixed.  Peter owns Caribbean Distributing Company, Inc. and proudly gushes his knowledge of the industry upon any open ear.

Going well beyond simple fixes, Peter's shop sports a muesum of sorts.  He's got vacuum cleaners going back to the 1930s proudly displayed on shelves.  He also knows about every company, their reputation, quality and the TRUTH about which machines are actually worthy of your hard earned cash.

As Peter describes it, "Rainbow-brand machines are the pinnacle."  From there, Kirby, Dyson, Hoover, etc all pale in comparison.  When pressed as to why, he quickly pulls me over and shows a Rainbox machine that has been cut open to show you the insides.  He tells me about brushless motors and the quality of this and that... honestly, I don't remember the details, but I can tell you that there's no one better in Miami at this stuff than he.

Which brings me to my point.  Why go anywhere else for your vacuum cleaner repairs?  Located just off the Palmetto at Bird Road (4231 SW 75th Avenue), he's easy to get to.  Dial up his friendly staff (305) 266-4998 and get ready to be impressed.

Not only will Peter fix you up, he can sell you used machines that he has personally certified as not only working "good as new", but also a quality product worth owning.  His used and new prices can't be beat "because he has less overhead."  While waiting for my repair ticket, he proudly boasted how his store could beat the big discount stores on more than half a dozen models.

So why haven't you heard about Caribbean Distributing Company, Inc. before?  Due to his contracts and servicing business, he is not allowed to advertise to the public.  And, to be honest, after listening to the knowledge and enthusiasm Peter exudes, I couldn't wait to tell all of Miami about this hidden gem of a store.

So if your vacuum really sucks, you now know where to go.  Tell him Miami Hal sent you...