NEW! iPhone App

Yes, there are tons of iPhone apps out there dedicated to helping people find homes.  From Zillow to Trulia to "local guy #48731", apps abound.  However, all these apps have an angle.  They exist to make money or steer buyers to a specific broker or agent.

What you really need is an iPhone app that works directly for you.  Enter's iPhone app!  This brand new iPhone application is not only directly from the National Association of Realtors, it is well written and provides great functionality.  Plus,® is the only site that regularly updates home sales data throughout the day. So if a home comes on the market today or if a price is reduced, you'll see it before anyone else.

Today, 90% of home buyers are starting their search on the Internet.  Once they get more comfortable with an area, most are then using a local Realtor® to get expert market information and advice.  Coupled with the iPhone's GPS, the application provides (in my humble opinion) the best search possible.  I've tried all the rest and there is no comparison for ease-of-use, unbiased and timely data.

Point your browser to to learn more and download the application.  You can also search '' in the App Store right from your iPhone.

Of course, after you use the iPhone App please feel free to contact me for expert advice in Miami.  Together, we'll find you the perfect home.