Palmetto Bay will build new $3.7 million Village Hall

Palmetto Bay will build its new Village Hall in the Franjo Triangle Island commercial district at the former location of the Neighbors Food Store (9705 E Hibiscus Street).

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The Village Hall should bring continued commercial growth and economic value to a key area within the village.  It is expected the building will house the Palmetto Bay Police Department, administrative offices, council chambers and potentially a fitness center.  Bill Kress, Palmetto Bay's public information officer say the detailed layout is still being considered, based on various village employee needs.  The Village Hall will be next door to the newly renovated and expanded Palmetto Bay Park (formerly Perrine Park).

It is estimated the Village Hall will cost $3.7 million to build. The center is expected to be finished and furnished in 2010.

In a time where many other South Florida communities are cutting back, Mayor Flinn says that careful budgeting allows the project to continue.  The fact that the village is saving $1.7 million a year by no longer having to pay a mitigation fee to Miami-Dade County certainly helps.