Palmetto Bay To Break Ground On Village Hall

This Thursday at 4:00p Palmetto Bay will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for its brand new $3.7M  Village Hall to be built in the Franjo Triangle Island commercial district.

The Village Hall was designed and constructed because the currently leased space of 8,000 square feet was too small, so Flinn decided to build a larger Village Hall.  When complete in Q4 2010, the new 24,500-square-foot hall will be the centerpiece for Palmetto Bay's "green" initiatives.  The building will be Florida's first city hall to be built LEED "Gold-Certified."  There are even plans to extend the "greening" of the building to meet "Platinum Certification".  If "Platinum" is met, it means the building will be self-sustaining.

Mayor Eugene Flinn explains, "We want to get it to be a $50,000 savings [a year] on the utility bill.  It's about quality construction."  In this artist rendering, you can see the open and modern floor plan to be implemented.

   A rendering of the future Palmetto Bay Village Hall.

The Village Hall will house the Police Department, all facets of the Palmetto Bay government and host the town hall meetings.

"We want to serve as an example of good, clean, green construction," added Bill Kress, Palmetto Bay's public information officer. "We want future buildings in the area to follow suit."

It is also expected that the location of the Village Hall will help re-develop the area. "Once we have a better village hall there with all the activity it will spur new businesses and create a resident friendly atmosphere there," Mayor Flinn predicted.