Migrant Workers at Pinecrest Home Depot

Migrant workers standing at Home Depot stores looking for work is a common sight in South Florida.  Both of the Home Depot stores I visit seem to always have at least 5-15 workers at the ready to jump into action and perform whatever day labor they can get.

This morning's scene was a bit different.  Just after 9:00 AM, Pinecrest Police swooped in with about 7 patrol cars and detained approximately 20 people.  Everything seemed orderly and respectful when I drove by.  Several workers were in handcuffs.

I've never seen any one of the migrant workers do anything overtly bad, but I am sure there is some law about not soliciting work in that manner.  Even though I know several people who have used the laborers from time to time, I ultimately believe it is better to periodically send a message like the Pinecrest Police did this morning.

What do you think?