Palmetto Bay's SW 74th Place Neighborhood Crime Watch Meets

It's nice to know that good ideas never go out of style.  In an age of high tech gadgets, in-home entertainment centers and the like, it's still a great idea to know and interact with your neighbors.  If you're like me, creating and/or joining a Neighborhood Crime Watch is a wonderful way to do just that.

Last night, the SW 74th Place Neighborhood Crime Watch met for a BBQ and meeting.  There were burgers, hot dogs, safety talk and the Mayor.  Yes, the mayor of Palmetto Bay, Eugene Flinn, stopped by to meet and greet.  We also had three representatives from the Village's police department.

This is another reason I love living in Palmetto Bay.  Not only are your neighbors ready, willing and able to get involved, but there is genuine support from the Village government.

Oh, and before I forget, the crime rates are headed south.  Last night, we learned that this year's numbers are nearly 20% lower than last year.  Our already safe neighborhood is improving.