8/4/14: Don't let appraisals kill your deal! Check out this article on how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

4/26/14: Palmetto Bay is developing a Downtown. Check out this video to hear more. I am a member for the Downtown Redevelopment Task Force.

1/26/14: A new scam in real estate is afoot. Clouding a title is the game and it might make it hard for you to sell or even find you locked out of your home. Here's the video story...

1/5/14: After years of record-low interest rates, many expect the Fed to move rates to 4.9% by year end. If you are a Buyer, NOW is the time to make your move.

1/2/14: 2014 is the year to sell your home. Ask me about my NextGen Listing Service.

1/1/14:  New FHA loan limits for 2013.  (Single Family Home $345,000,  Duplex  $441,650,  Tri-Plex $533,850 and Four-Plex $663,450)

5/3/13: Miami-Dade County has dramatically expanded hurricane evacuation zones to cover nearly three-quarters of the county’s population. This wil likely effect home buyer and sellers.

5/9/14:  Relaunch of my website today! The site is now mobile device-friendly and information was updated throughout.

1/17/14:  I am a regular columnist in the local papers, covering local events and people. It keeps me in the know. Check our my past archives at: http://www.communitynewspapers.com/author/hal-feldman/

2/27/13:  I was just asked to participate in the Wall Street Journal REAL/Trends "The Thousand" program for real estate!

10/14/12:  They love me!  I appeared in the Miami Herald's "How Does You Home Compare?" section again with a listing that sold in just TWO DAYS.  List with MiamiHal to see what I can do for you!

10/15/11:  MiamiHal was on TV (CBS4) after participating in the 2011 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Miami.

9/13/11:  I am now ranked in the TOP 100 RE/MAX Realtors in Florida!

2/6/11: It's nice to get recognized by a fellow Realtor® for selling a property correctly.  I just wish the write-up he had was 100% accurate about who the seller was...