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I give every one of my clients the ability to complete a performance review after each real estate transaction.  Here are some recent and unedited testimonials.


Barbara Seykora (Retiree)

I'd like to thank Hal. He is an honorable man who listened to me, made sure I was always in charge and sold my home in the best possible way. He made me feel comfortable and secure at every turn.

I would tell everyone that you were very professional and personable and that you over-delivered. You were extremely knowledgeable about the entire listing and selling process. I needed extra assistance due to health challenges and you went over and above to help me. You also knew tradespeople for me to contact to get things done on the house prior to closing. I would tell my friends that they were making a huge mistake if they did not enlist your services either to buy or sell. Truly a full service agent.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)


(Hal's Note:  If there was ever a more wholesome and wonderful client, I'm hard pressed to name one. I wish Barbara all the comfort in the world as she starts her next chapter in life near her daughter in Pensicola.)

Richard & Regina Ferguson

I would recommend Mr. Hal Feldman to friends, family or anyone who is looking for a professional Realtor. He helped the Ferguson family sell our home and start the next chapeter of our lives.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Moving is never easy, but these two took on a challenge with conviction. Together, we met their goals and took them to the next chapter of living. After a short break, we'll be working again to find them a great house closer to Regina's work!)

Debra & Ralph Nichols (moved to North Carolina)

Camera shy, but here is the picture of the condo...

The whole process of selling was seamless, thanks to Hal's expertise. Highly recommend!

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  I initially rented their condo in South Miami. After nearly a year, it was time to sell. Ralph, a licensed RE/MAX agent in North Carolina, and Debra were thrilled when I was able to sell the unit to the original renter.  If you are headed to North Carolina, look up Ralph.  He's a great agent!)

Judy Jones (self-described yard sale expert)

You went beyond what was expected and you seem to care about what your customers want. You really want your customers to be happy and satisfied.

I would recommend you to others that are looking for property. You helped me find a great condo and also helped me sell my house without having to spend a fortune to update the house.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  When I have a chance to make a difference, I make sure to do things right. Judy's husband was in very ill health and I felt my goal was to help Judy and Charlie move to a home where they'd have support and near zero maintenance. Shortly after purchasing their new condo, Charlie died. I made sure Judy was taken care of and even brought food to stock their new kitchen with basic supplies. We closed on the sale of their house two weeks later. It was my pleasure to help Judy and her daughter Melissa take care of the house and belongings personally.)

Cris Perez (radiological technician)

I'd like to begin by saying there is no one in the real estate business both more knowledgeable and hard working than Hal Feldman. I have been using Hal as my real estate agent for what has now for about 5 years. Mr. Feldman helped me buy my first condo foreclosed back in 2010; which is known is not an easy task. Now most recently he help me sell that same condo 3 years later for double the price, due to his fantastic expertise with computers and real estate software; as well as verbal skills with the market. After having what felt like father to son conversations, he guided me toward a beautiful new home in Cutler Bay in which he not only helped me through the closing process but the financial (which he did not have to do), so I could receive the best rate. If you are looking to buy, sell, rent or absolutely anything that needs to do with a home and want a trustworthy man to guide you; Hal Feldman is all I have to say!

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Cris and I have worked on several real estate transactions together. This young go-getter is moving up in the world and I was proud to help him upgrade his living arrangements several times now.)