Lisa, for her camera shy mother Ruth Graff (Sold)

Lisa writes... "I live in Tennessee and my mother is 82 years old. It was comforting to know from speaking with my mom and Hal that I didn't have to worry about anything. He dots the I's and crosses the T's. He always included me to keep me informed throughout the whole process. I recently sold my house and I have never met a Realtor like Hal. Besides being knowledgeable and competent, he goes far and beyond the call of duty. The process began with Hal running to Home Depot to buy light bulbs and replaced any that were burnt out in my mother's home. He was present, helpful, and supportive throughout the entire sale. I would recommend Hal to anyone who needs real estate help!"

Ruth writes... "You have been an astounding Realtor. You always treated this home, which is deeply loved, with high regard and the owner with sensitivity, kindness and professionalism. Including my family, attorney, present to-do lists, I cannot even recall the countless ways in which you helped me.  You made an extremely difficult task for an 82 year old a much easier process.  Or rather, as easy as possible. I think, you too must have liked this home. I heard you pointing out the wonderful features that it does possess and I always wanted someone to deal with me and new buyers honestly.   And, you did that! With love and much appreciation... Ruth Graff"

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Words cannot describe the warm feelings and pride I have when helping seniors take their next steps.  Ruth is a warm and loving soul who was able to pass on her home to another who will nurture and take care of it just like she did.)

UPDATE:  From an card received from Ruth at the closing... "There is so much that I want to say & write to you. My appreciation for you is deep. You went far and beyond what most Realtors would have done. Of course, I am fortunate in so many ways, but this was a very difficult situation for me to be in and you made it as easy as possible. Not only are you an extremely competent Realtor, but a good, kind and sensitive person. Your creativity is an added plus. I wish you everything in life that you wish for yourself and your family.  -Ruth

Mitchell Holder (Bought)

2014 - Hal and I have worked together yet again to find a property that fit what I was looking for. This transaction was complicated like many real estate transactions are. Short sale, probate courts, federal liens, HOA liens, lots of lawyers. As a buyer having Hal as your agent, you can sit back and let him handle dealing with all of it. As always I advise anyone I know to who needs a realtor to work with Hal, and I advise anyone reading this to give him a call as well. Good luck.

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Mitchell knows what he wants in real estate and is a scrappy "fighter" to pull off small miracle purchases. I am glad to assist him chase after his goals and we love to break open a bottle of wine to celebrate his wins.)

Cris Perez & Martizel de Castro (Sold & Bought)

There is no one in the real estate business both more knowledgeable and hard working than Hal. I have been using Hal as my real estate agent for five years now. Most recently, he helped us buy our dream home. If you are looking to buy or sell and want a trustworthy man to guide you; Hal Feldman is all I have to say!

(Provided 100% top marks in performance evaluation)

(Hal's Note:  Cris and Mari were troopers through a difficult short sale. In the end, they came up big winners and I even gave them a lawnmower for their new dream home)