How Is Square Footage Calculated in Miami-Dade County?

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get from home buyers have to do with square footage. What is adjusted square feet? What does total square footage include? How about “under air”?


Let me clarify things. When you search the records for a property, you will likely find 3 types of square footage listed : Living Area, Adjusted Area and Total Area.

  • Living Area = the square footage of the permitted living space (or air conditioned space) inside a home. Some might call this “under air” square footage.

  • Total Area  = the square footage of the living area PLUS permitted garages, open patios, covered entries and carports (i.e. the total footprint of a house and attached structure).

  • Adjusted Area = the square footage of the living area PLUS a percentage of permitted garages, open patios, covered entries and carports.


In Miami-Dade County, appraisers (and agents) typically use adjusted square-feet to determine the value of a property. Sometimes it can get confusing for buyers when the tax rolls and the MLS differ, and “total” or “living area” are used instead of adjusted. Understanding which type of square footage is actually being used when comparing properties is crucial since it directly affects market value. 

Here is breakdown of How Adjusted Square Footage is calculated :

100% of Base Living Area (Air Conditioned Space)
80% of Second Story in a 2-Story House. This would also apply for higher stories.
66% of Florida Room or Additions Added after Original
50% of Garage
50% of Utility Room
33% of Carport Area, Covered Patios or Porches**
33% of Roof Overhang Area Greater than 3 feet with Concrete Walkway
25% of Roof Overhang Area Greater than 3 Feet with No Concrete Walkway

**Patios without a permitted roof are not included

It is also critical to understand that the accepted practice is to measure the above spaces from the exterior of the structure, meaning the space inside is less. Counterintuitive, but still the way its done.

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